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Tourism, both short and long-term, to the Dominican Republic has shown strong growth over the last five years. Word of mouth recommendations regarding Sosua are likewise snowballing. With sufficient area for expansion of real-estate development in this north coast town, the town's home and apartment prices should also resist the temptation to get out of control when it comes to prices. This bodes well for those who are banking on the growth of Sosua and considering it as a good place to put money into land/real-estate.

The Dominican Republic agreed to accept up one hundred thousand Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied territories. This pre-emptive, affirmative willingness to aid in this regard was widely regarded as exceedingly "generous", as many nations did not in fact wish to allow in refugees. Although the Dominican Republic did not, in end, take in this many Jewish refugees, they took in a total of about 500 who ended up in the Sosua area. Many of their descendents still reside in Sosua.

The Dominican Republic's cheese and dairy industry has been heavily influenced by these early Jewish settlers.

Today Sosua is a favorite among single expatriate men who come here regularly for the exciting nightlife. It is a quiet town with less crime than many other parts of the Dominican Republic. Indeed, it has morphed into a hotspot of expat relocation and the real-estate market is humming.

The type of expat, in terms of nationality, which is drawn to this idyllic, Carribean area are various: American, German, Swedish, Australian, Canadian, Italian and many more. Many are moving to Sosua for good: they aren't going back to their home countries except to deal with various necessities regarding their personal finances and family. Further, who's to say one has to forgoe one's native cuisine after immigrating? There are German, American, and other local restaurants here in abundance.